Watch And Learn: Video Footage From A Summer With TALMA 

One Day, Koolulam Music Video- Summer 2018

TALMA and Koolulam perform One Day

Koolulam and TALMA perform One Day on the final day of orientation.

TALMA Summer 2018

A montage from our summer and visit with Koolulam

TALMA 2017

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Check out our amazing 2017 Fellows!

TALMA 2016

A Glimpse Into The TALMA Experience

Meet our 2016 cohort, hear their stories, and understand what it means to be part of a community filled with love, purpose, and friendship.

TALMA 2015

A Glimpse Into The TALMA Experience

Meet our 2015 cohort. Take a glimpse into the world of TALMA. Who are our Fellows and what are their stories? Hear their testimony, what TALMA has meant to them and how they believe this experience will make them more impactful leaders in the future.

Meet Our 2014 Cohort

The TALMA Fellows of 2014

2014 was the first year of the TALMA program and our Fellows were education pioneers bringing an English immersion experience to low-income classrooms for an 11th month of school in the Israeli periphery. This is their story.

TALMA: Our Co-Teaching Model

Partnering International Educators with Israeli Co-Teachers

TALMA brings impressive teachers from all around the world and brings them to Israel for a summer of professional development and honing their craft. One way we expose teachers to new styles, techniques and ideas is by partnering them with a co-teacher. The majority of our international teachers are Teach For America alumni and the majority of our Israeli teachers come from Teach First Israel aka HOTAM.

Through The Eyes of The Fellows

As Captured by TALMA Alum Zach Carter

TALMA alum Zach Carter offers you a glimpse into life as a TALMA Fellow through his experience as a 2014 participant. Laugh, smile and ask yourself, "could this be what summer 2016 holds for me?" Envision yourself as a TALMA Fellow with the footage from TALMA: The Trailer.

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