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Thank you for your interest in the TALMA Fellowships! If you're considering spending a summer and/or school year with us in Israel as a TALMA Fellow, review the eligibility guidelines below before applying.


(If you don't quite check all the boxes, but feel you would be a great fit, email us HERE first and tell us about your experience and qualifications - we make exceptions for exceptional candidates!)

You have at least a Bachelor's degree and at least one year of teaching experience. (Required)

TALMA was created to address a lack of qualified English teachers in peripheral communities throughout Israel. As such, it is important to us that our Fellows possess the education and experience needed to lead change in TALMA classrooms. While we prioritize classroom teaching experience, folks with informal teaching/education experience are encouraged to apply.

You believe that ALL children deserve access to an excellent education. (Required)

We serve students of all religious, ethnic, and racial backgrounds, with a priority on students living in Israel's social and geographic periphery. We work with all populations: religious and secular Jews, Bedouin, Druze, Palestinian and Arab-Israeli Muslims and Christians, and more.

You're a certified teacher. (Priority consideration)

We prioritize applicants who have state/national teaching certifications, or other relevant certifications such as CELTA.

You've previously traveled to Israel, and/or have a relevant connection to Israel. (Priority consideration)

We prioritize applicants who have Israel travel experience because TALMA is an intensive experience that requires our Fellows' full focus. While the Summer Fellowship does allow time during the week and two free weekends for exploration (plus the opportunity to extend one's travel), TALMA is not a tourist trip; by selecting Fellows with prior travel to Israel, we can ensure the focus is on TALMA and the students.

We also welcome candidates who have not been to Israel before, but have a relevant personal, academic, or professional connection to the country. Perhaps you teach in a dual language school that teaches students Hebrew or Arabic, or you majored in Middle Eastern or Holocaust Studies. Maybe you have familial ties to Israel, or your country participated in the recent Abraham Accords Peace Agreement. It's important for us to know why Israel is meaningful for you - there's no right or wrong answer!

You're a professional under 40 looking to get more engaged/involved as a leader in your local community or the world at large. (Priority consideration)

As a nonprofit organization, TALMA receives a significant portion of funding from private foundation partners and grants. Many such funding partners place an emphasis on cultivating "young professionals" which traditionally refers to folks in their 20s and 30s. As such, our professional development and enrichment programs are geared towards Fellows in the earlier stages of their careers.


While we prioritize Fellows who fall under these parameters, we welcome applicants of all ages to apply!

You're a life-long learner, eager to better your practice as a teacher and grow your influence as a leader.

We provide our applicants with first-class professional development, so we want candidates who value opportunities to learn, grow, listen actively, and engage with their peers. 


If you have additional questions regarding eligibility, send us an email below!

Your message has been sent; someone from our team will get back to you ASAP!

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