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Thank you for your interest in applying to TALMA!


If you are considering submitting an application to join us in Israel as a TALMA Fellow, there are a few things worth noting:



There is no one size fits all model for our Fellows, but there are several key things we look for in our applicants. If you can answer yes to all of the following questions, then we welcome your application! Please scroll below for a deeper dive into our recruitment interests. If you answer yes to some, please feel free to apply and your 

application will receive our full consideration. Whenever possible, we find opportunities to make 'exceptions for exceptional candidates.'


-Are you a certified educator with at least one year of teaching experience? (Priority Consideration)

TALMA was created to address a deficit in qualified educators within Israel, specifically in core subjects such as English language. It is important to us that the solution we offer includes qualified and certified educators who have the appropriate professional foundations to adequately tackle the gap our organization seeks to close.


-Have you previously been to Israel or do you have a relevant connection to Israel? (Priority Consideration)

We prioritize applicants with prior Israel travel because TALMA is a challenging (albeit redeeming!) experience that requires the full focus of a participant. Those who have not previously been to Israel will have a full plate acclimating to the culture and attempting to understand the complexities of this multifaceted society while also juggling the needs of teaching by day and partaking in our professional development programming. While we allow some time for exploration and the program offers two free weekends and the opportunity to extend one's travel, TALMA is not a tourism program - and by selecting Fellows who have prior Israel travel we are able to ensure the focus is on TALMA and the students.


That said, for the right candidate with relevant interests, motivations, and connections to Israel, we do make exceptions. Do you teach in a Hebrew Public Charter School? Did you study a relevant language in college? Do you have familial ties to Israel? Are you looking for an opportunity to explore your Jewish identity? What makes a program in Israel important to you? There is no right or wrong answer to this question, only what is meaningful for you. We are listening!


-Are you passionate about social justice and believe all children deserve access to an excellent education? (Priority Consideration)

We cater to ALL children with an emphasis on students in Israel's geographic and social periphery. We work with all populations and social sectors including secular, religious, and ultra-Orthodox Haredi Jewish communities, Arab Christians and Muslims, Palestinian populations, Bedouin, Druze, Ethiopian-Israelis and more. If you don't believe in education for ALL, TALMA is not for you. If you do, keep reading!


-Do you consider yourself a life-long learner who is eager to better your practice as a teacher and grow your influence as a leader? (Priority Consideration)

We provide our applicants with first class professional development opportunities but the success of those programs is dependent on the interest level of our participants. We need people who are passionate learners, engaged listeners and active participants.


TALMA's professional development program includes:

  • Informal professional development in the classroom alongside an Israeli co-teacher

  • A multi-day national orientation program and a learning retreat with all participants.

  • A regional orientation enabling you to better understand the school community and population you're serving.

  • After-school programming that allows for free time each day balanced with a formal professional development program that includes:

    • Pedagogy based trainings​

    • Social networking events to meet and learn from participants from around the globe

    • Mentor groups and dinners

    • Start-Up Nation programming that includes learning from the innovation of one of the most innovative nations in the world through local and national social initiatives and entrepreneurs

    • A speaker series and various discussion panels

    • Team building initiatives.

- Are you a young professional looking to activate your leadership and grow your involvement and engagement in your local community and the world at large? (Priority Consideration)

As a non-profit and public service, TALMA receives a significant portion of its funding from private foundation partners and grants, many which have stipulations that can include who the grant funds are to serve.


As a program that has gained a reputation for effective and engaging leadership development programming, and an initiative with a track record of activating social engagement and involvement of early career young professionals, TALMA has become a go-to partner and grant beneficiary for organizations seeking to activate the leadership and engagement of promising young leaders. Many such grants place an emphasis on cultivating "young professionals" which traditionally refers to young people in their 20s and 30.


Accordingly, TALMA prioritizes candidates who fulfill the obligations of the grants that support our programs. While we welcome applicants of all ages and accept Fellows at all stages of their career - from young professionals to tenured educators - applicants who fulfill grant obligations do receive priority consideration.

-Are you someone who will use this opportunity to fuel your engagement in the fight for a more equitable world?

While we ask a lot of our TALMA participants in the way of time and engagement, we offer a lot back in return: personal and professional development, a wonderful network, career support, leadership development, and the adventure of a lifetime.


How will you use TALMA to further your impact?


Our Summer 2021 application - FOUND HERE- will formally open in Fall 2020; however, early applications may be submitted now - with the understanding that you will not hear back from the recruitment team until the fall. Returning Alumni have their own application FOUND HERE.


We look forward to getting to know you better throughout this process!


Team Talma


is open


Applications received by January 1st, 2021 will receive priority consideration.



Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis - solid candidates who do not meet all qualifications may be waitlisted until later applicants are reviewed.

Questions? Head to FAQS

A Breakdown of TALMA's Recruitment and who we seek:

  • Educational Experience

    • A Bachelor's degree with preference given to those holding an undergrad or Masters degree in an education related field, i.e.: Educational leadership, Special Education, Instructional Technology, Curriculum, a Master of Arts in teaching, etc.

  • Professional Experience:

    • At least one year serving as an educator in a professional school or educational setting. 

      • Please note that while those who are state certified/licensed teachers receive priority consideration, we also recognize that many qualified professionals are employed in school systems within the US and abroad and hold alternate certifications or experience. Therefore we also give consideration to those with out a state certification or license who: 

        • Teach with private organizations or schools

        • Hold alternate or emergency teacher certifications through a non-traditional route into the classroom (Teach For America, TNTP, City Year, charter school networks etc).

        • Work in non-traditional educational settings (hold TOEFL, TEFL, or CELTA and have had at least one year of experience teaching English professionally to non-native speakers in an overseas education environment) and have the experience and capability to effectively serve students in our classroom settings. 

  • Community and Professional Culture Fit:

    • All participants who meet the above criteria are then screened for a community fit. We determine social and community fit through one to three interviews with a member of recruitment team. During these conversations we look to understand your intentions and motivations for joining TALMA and explore:

      • Are you a young professional working in education?...our community is predominantly comprised of educators ages 21-39 who are willing to co-exist in a high energy, fast-paced, and social community. How will you fit?

      • What is your leadership style?

      • Do you have a relevant connection to Israel or Jewish life?

      • What is your style of behavior management?

      • How do you bring joy, movement, and project/inquiry-based learning to your classroom?

      • What educational practices and philosophies guide your practice?

      • Do you have a personality and energy that will serve to build up and contribute to our community?

      • What will be TALMA's return on investment should we invest in your leadership potential?

      • How do you work with a teammate or co-teacher?

      • ...and more!

Still unsure if you are a fit? We welcome you to apply and we'll get back to you...or you may submit an inquiry below.

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