How do I apply?

For those who have never been on TALMA,  the new candidate application for the summer fellowship can be found HERE and alumni can access The Alumni Application HERE. For eligibility details HERE. If you are interested in the full-year fellowship, new candidates must begin with the summer application whereas alumni can complete the full-year application directly here.

What are the summer program dates?

Tentative dates for Summer 2021 are June 27-July 22, 2021 - with international departures on the 26th. These dates are subject to change given the pandemic. Fellows may also elect to extend their trip after the program for a small deviation fee.

How much does the program cost?

From the point of arrival at your departure airport to the return to that airport, TALMA covers all essential living expenses. Our comprehensive package includes round-trip travel from hub airports throughout the country (with custom travel stipends available for those outside of the range of access to hub airports), accommodation, and pre-loaded credit cards with meal stipend that have different allocations dependent on placement location, but account for three meals a day. You'll be well fed - and no one goes hungry! In exchange, fellows commit to participate in all aspects of our summer programming which includes a volunteer service-learning experience teaching in the Israeli classroom. Full-year fellows receive a more extensive living stipend in lieu of meal stipends.

What does a typical day in TALMA's summer  program look like?

Since TALMA is such a unique program, it’s hard to describe a 'typical day!' That said, you can expect your days to be filled with teaching, planning, eating delicious food, professional development, collaboration, and personal growth. For a more in-depth look at "A Day In The Life of a TALMA Fellow" head HERE.


What locations are offered for the summer fellowship?

Locations change summer to summer. Keep an eye out for new and exciting locations to be announced on our social media in the coming days! For a more in-depth look at the locations, head HERE.


Where will I live over the summer?

Summer accommodations are dependent based upon the location of your placement. In general, you can expect to live with a roommate in a hotel-style room, apart-hotel, or dormitory. For a more in-depth look at the placement locations, head HERE.


What age group will I be teaching?

TALMA creates an 11th month of public education for underserved students in Israel's social or geographic periphery. The majority of our students are rising 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders - though we do have a handful of middle and high school placements. To learn more about the teaching program, head HERE.


What do you mean by "professional development?"

TALMA offers our Fellows top-notch trainings, workshops and seminars on everything from classroom pedagogy, cross-cultural communications, leadership training and social justice focused programming on topics such as social entrepreneurship and innovation. To learn more about our PD opportunities, head HERE.


How do I apply to TALMA?

To learn more about the application process head HERE. Priority consideration is given to applications received by February 15, 2021.

I've been accepted, now what?

Congratulations! TALMA is a highly selective program and the fact that you received an acceptance speaks volumes about your experience, character and our belief in your potential to be a changemaker! Once you have confirmed your acceptance to the program, we will be in touch with pre-registration packets, preference forms, special videos and e-mail updates. Our offer is contingent on our acceptance of all paperwork. Meanwhile watch some videos HERE that will paint a picture of the amazing summer to come!


Where Can I Learn More About TALMA?

Most of your questions can be answered by reading all the sections and sub-sections on our website, watching the videos and reading the articles we've connected to - but feel free to do your own home-work on us as well! Head to our MEDIA, Program Videos and News Article sections to read about TALMA and see the incredible press our program generates! 


I've missed the deadline. Can I still apply?

If it is after February 15th and you have not yet submitted an application, not to worry. We are accepting participants on a rolling basis so whether or not we can still consider your application depends on whether or not we have already selected all the 2021 participants or not. Regardless, we can keep you on a list of interested candidates for 2022. Apply away!


I've read the entire website and can't find an answer to my question. How can I get in touch with you?

Although we have tried to make our website as comprehensive as possible, we realize questions come up that we may not have addressed. If you need to reach a specific person on our team, head HERE to determine who that is OR visit our Contact Page to drop us an email. Thank you for your interest in TALMA!


Who applies to TALMA and are there age restrictions? 

Our applicants come from all walks of life - though the majority of our participants are young professionals in the education field aged 21-39. Most participants have prior Israel travel, experience in the classroom, proven leadership and a passion for addressing education inequity. We prioritize applicants who are experienced classroom teachers, though we welcome applicants with alternative teaching experience as well. Previous Israel travel is a priority, though we welcome all applicants with relevant connections and interests to an education program in Israel. We have no definitive age restrictions, but highlight that our participants live in roommate style housing and the bulk of our Fellows are in the 20-30-something post-college age group. 


I'm not from the United States. Can I still apply?

Yes! We welcome applicants from all over the world, so long as they are fluent English speakers. 


I applied to TALMA - when can I expect to hear back?

Thank you for applying to TALMA! We are currently vetting hundreds of applications and are slowly but surely making our way through candidates one at a time on a rolling basis. Most likely, we have not yet reached your application in the vetting process. Once we reach yours, we will notify you of your status based on the deadlines found here. We appreciate your patience as we continue to give every application the full attention it deserves!


I believe my organization would make a great recruitment partner for TALMA. Who do I talk to?

We are always looking for new partners who can offer pipelines of talent for our recruitment efforts. If you are connected to an organization involved with education, teaching, social justice, leadership, young Jewish professionals, Israel, entrepreneurship or innovation, etc. please reach out to us through our contact page here.

I'm a TALMA alumni - where do I find the Returnee Application?

Every summer, TALMA grows bigger and better. We learn from our mistakes, we build on existing partnerships, and we bring back as many of our alumni as we can so that TALMA's students can benefit from our alums' experience and know how. While we do not 100% guarantee a placement for all alumni, we do prioritize alums over general applicants. The sooner you can commit to us, the sooner we can commit to you. The Returnee Application can be found HERE.

What about COVID-19 and your safety protocols?

We understand that much of the world continues to be in a state of uncertainty & we intend to closely monitor the ongoing pandemic in order to make safe & practical decisions for all involved.

That said, Israel is currently leading the world in the most vaccinations per capita, and as the new year approaches, we are feeling optimistic that summer 2021 will take place! Accordingly, we are moving forward with issuing acceptances, booking flights, and reserving hotels, while setting a clear understanding with you that things are subject to change - the program could later be canceled, acceptance offers deferred, or dates extended to accommodate a quarantine. We hope you will share our optimism and trust our commitment to making the right decisions grounded in what will enable a safe experience for everyone.

I am interested in a longer term experience. What are my options for staying in Israel beyond the summer?

Glad you asked! In addition to our 3.5 week-long summer fellowship, TALMA offers a yearlong fellowship to select alumni and accepted summer fellows. You can learn more about the full-year fellowship and the additional visa requirements here.