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How does the Covid-19 pandemic affect the TALMA Fellowship?

Following a virtual 2020 summer, TALMA resumed our in-person Fellowship program in 2021, and we continue to serve thousands of students all over the country. The health insurance we provide Fellows includes comprehensive Covid-19 coverage, and we require TALMA participants to be fully vaccinated. We will continue to follow the guidelines set by Israel's Ministry of Health, our travel partners, and the municipalities in the regions we serve, in order to make safe & practical decisions for all involved.

What are the summer program dates?

The summer program runs from late June to late July; exact dates vary from year to year, but can be found HERE

Am I eligible to apply for the TALMA Summer Fellowship?

While we evaluate candidates on a case-by-case basis, we generally look for education professionals ages 21-39, who have at least a Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of one year of teaching experience. We prioritize applicants who are certified classroom teachers, although we welcome alternative teaching experience as well. We also prioritize applicants who have previously traveled to Israel, but welcome all who have a relevant academic/professional/personal connection to Israel. Learn more about eligibility HERE.

I’m over 40 - can I still apply?

We don’t have definitive age restrictions, but our programming is geared towards educators in their 20s and 30s, and Fellows live in roommate-style housing. If you’re comfortable with this and feel you would be a great fit for the Fellowship, we welcome you to apply!

Is the Summer Fellowship only open to Jewish participants?

TALMA is a Jewish organization that's open to all, and thus the Summer Fellowship welcomes candidates of all religions/faiths/backgrounds who meet our eligibility requirements. There are a couple of Jewish rituals that are a part of the experience, such as kabbalat Shabbat and havdalah, that are inclusive and welcoming. Fellows are expected to attend all TALMA events during the Summer Fellowship, regardless of religion/faith/background.


Does the Summer Fellowship accommodate Orthodox Jewish Fellows?

Yes! Shomer Shabbat Fellows are able to room with another Shomer Shabbat teacher of the same sex, and all provided meals are kosher. We spend two weekends together as a community, and all of our activities are Shabbat-friendly (no traveling, no writing, no electronics use, etc.). Fellows also have the option to light Shabbat candles and attend synagogue.

I'm not from the United States - can I still apply?

Yes! Our Fellows come from all over the world, and we welcome all applicants who are fluent English-speaking education professionals.


How much does the TALMA Summer Fellowship cost?

TALMA Summer Fellowship benefits include airfare from select US hub airports, all TALMA-related travel within Israel, housing, health insurance, and meal stipends. In exchange for the TALMA benefits, Fellows commit to participating in all aspects of our summer programming, including co-teaching, enrichment, and more. (Note that Full Year Fellows receive additional benefits, including ulpan and a generous monthly stipend in lieu of meal stipends.)


How do TALMA Fellows get to Israel?

We cover round-trip travel from select US hub airports, and offer custom travel stipends for Fellows outside of the access range to the selected airports. We also take care of booking the flights in the spring. Note that Fellows are responsible for getting to and from their departure airports.


What’s a typical day like as a TALMA Summer Fellow?

A typical day usually involves co-teaching for the first half of the day, followed by afternoons and evenings of enrichment events, professional development, networking, relaxing, and of course, eating lots and lots of delicious food! While we are a program with a full schedule, we you will have free time to check out the local scene, explore Israel on your own, visit friends and family, etc.


Where in Israel are TALMA placements located?

Locations change from summer to summer; we’ve served all over Israel, from Nazareth Illit in the north, to Eilat in the south, and dozens of cities in between! Locations are finalized throughout the spring, and we’ll announce new cities regularly on our Instagram and Facebook pages, so be sure to follow us! You can also watch videos from some of our previous locations HERE.

Do I get to pick where I’m placed as a Summer Fellow?

TALMA Fellows can rank their preferred locations, but while preferences are considered, our team ultimately determines placements based on the schools’ needs and best fit.


What are the housing accommodations?

Summer accommodations vary depending on your placement location, but you can generally expect to live with a roommate in a hotel-style room, aparthotel, or dormitory. 


What ages/grades will I teach?

About half of the students who participate in the TALMA Summer Program are in upper elementary school grades - rising 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. The other half are in middle and high school (rising 7th through 10th graders).


What kind of professional development do TALMA Fellows receive?

TALMA offers Fellows top-notch training, workshops and seminars on a wide variety of topics, from language teaching best practices and classroom pedagogy, to cross-cultural communication, to social entrepreneurship and innovation. To learn more about our PD opportunities, click HERE.


How do I apply to TALMA? 

  • If you’re interested in the Summer Fellowship only, apply HERE

  • If you’re interested in the Full Year Fellowship only, OR both the Summer and Full Year Fellowships, apply HERE.


When is the application deadline?

Our priority deadline is Dec 30, but we continue to review applications on a rolling basis until we’ve selected all of the candidates for the upcoming summer. If you’re interested, we encourage you to apply regardless of the date! We can always roll your application over for the following summer if necessary. 


I applied to TALMA - when can I expect to hear back?

Thank you for applying to TALMA! We receive hundreds of applications, and are carefully vetting each one on a rolling basis. We aim to notify you of your application status within 2-3 weeks of your submission. We do not have the capacity to reply to application status inquiries, so thank you in advance for your patience as we carefully consider each and every applicant!


I'm a returning TALMA alum - am I guaranteed a Fellowship spot?

We’re thrilled that you’d like to come back to Israel for another summer with TALMA! While we generally reserve a percentage of our seats for returning alumni, we cannot guarantee a spot for alum. Returning alumni are accepted based on a variety of factors, including current work, previous TALMA performance, and mentor/regional director feedback.

I've been accepted to the TALMA Summer Fellowship - now what?

TALMA is a highly selective program, so congratulations on your acceptance and welcome to the TALMA community! Follow the directions given in your acceptance email, which will typically include completing a registration form to secure your spot. You’ll receive regular email updates with information about the program, important action items, helpful resources, and more. In the meantime, get excited for the amazing summer ahead of you! 

How can my organization partner with TALMA?

We are always looking for new partners who can offer pipelines of talent for our recruitment efforts. If you are connected to an organization involved with education/teaching, young Jewish professions, Israel, social justice, leadership, etc., we’d love to hear from you! Please contact us HERE.

I’m interested in a longer term Israel experience - what are my options?

We’re so glad you asked! In addition to our 3.5 week-long summer fellowship, TALMA offers a Full Year Fellowship (mid Aug-end of Jun) to select alumni and accepted Summer Fellows. You can learn more about the Full Year Fellowship and eligibility requirements HERE.

I have a question that isn't answered anywhere on the TALMA website.

If you have a question that isn’t answered on this page or anywhere else on our website, contact us HERE, and someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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