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Virtual Trainings for Teachers

TALMA's pedagogy team supports alumni in tackling the new norm of distance teaching through virtual training initiatives.

IDF Volunteer English Teacher Trainings

TALMA's pedagogy team supports alumni & educators in tackling the new norm of distance teaching through virtual training initiatives.

English Teacher Trainings for Haredim

Throughout the pandemic, TALMA's committed alumni volunteered hundreds of hours to support students across Israel.

Instructional Leadership Training

TALMA is partnering with One World 's Instructional Leadership Institute to provide Full-Year Fellows with an 80 hour course.

Teacher Training Initiatives

Shortly after the pandemic began, TALMA recognized the need to pivot, adapt our programs to virtual formats, and create a support system for educators in our network. We quickly reached out to alumni and friends of our program to develop a task-force of subject matter experts - then, leveraged their insights to launch the initiatives outlined below.

Instructional Leadership Training in partnership with One World

Launching in January 2021

Details coming soon.

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Distance Learning Trainings

Supporting TALMA alumni around the globe

In a direct response to COVID-19, TALMA's pedagogy team and distance learning task-force partnered to create and deliver multiple training sessions for teachers that offered all interested alumni with tips, tricks, and best practices for distance teaching.


Special trainings were offered to teachers willing to volunteer teach with TALMA's online English program and Bagrut (matriculation exam) prep for underserved students in Israel. More than 250 alumni participated in the trainings and ultimately volunteer taught with TALMA Online.

IDF English Teacher Training Program (3)

Israel Defense Forces: B2Gether

Supporting IDF diplomacy education initiatives

Within the Israel Defense Forces is a special unit that focuses on public diplomacy and foreign relation initiatives. Under the leadership of Col. Moshe Sofer, the unit includes a pilot initiative in which English speaking soldiers serve as volunteer English teachers within underserved schools of minority communities - in particular, the Bedouin population in the Negev and Israel's North. TALMA is serving as a training partner to prepare the soldiers to deliver English education through distance learning, collaborating with Col. Sofer to establish this initiative as a formal program of the Israel Defense Forces.


Haredim Teacher Trainings

Serving Haredim in Jerusalem & Beit Shemesh

TALMA staff are leading a revolutionary program that trains Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) educators to teach English as a core subject within Haredi schools. Established by TALMA in 2019 with assistance from the Gerald Schwartz & Heather Reisman Foundation, the program began as an in-person initiative and shifted online with the pandemic. Currently, TALMA's Haredim projects serve teachers of grades 4-8 in more than 30 Haredi schools throughout Jerusalem & Beit Shemesh. Classes are also offered to older students at yeshivot, seminaries, and community centers.

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