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שאל כיצד TALMA תיצור תוכנית לימודים מותאמת אישית באנגלית עבור התוכנית שלך

استفسر عن قيام TALMA بإنشاء منهج مخصص للغة الإنجليزية لبرنامجك

Public Speaking &
Presenting in English

Atid Plus Technovation

Atid Plus is a non-profit organization that helps solve inequality in Israel by bringing science and technology education to underprivileged young people in lower socio-economic areas and youth villages.


In Atid Plus’ 'Technovation Girls' program, TALMA is developing a curriculum and training program for college-level mentors to assist a group of future female entrepreneurs.


These entrepreneurs will create and present, in English, mobile applications to solve real-world problems. Focusing on presentation skills and building confidence when speaking English, this program enables the girls to present their ideas effectively to an audience

Career Specific
Technical English


Ultra Code is a bootcamp training program for Haredi women from large seminaries (educational institutes for women) in Israel. The program is designed to help bridge the gap between the limited supply and the large demand for trained graduates required by large high-tech companies.


Students in the bootcamp learn through independent study and a “flipped classroom” method of learning.


The women study computer science and engineering through an online platform where they watch videos, do exercises, and take tests. At the end of the program, seminary graduates have the opportunity to join multinational companies.


Utilizing pre-recorded video lessons, TALMA’s English course provides these students the chance to learn higher level technical English, as well as vocabulary used in science and technology jobs. In addition to viewing 20-minute lessons, the students receive practice materials and take tests for monitoring progress. Office hours are also provided for private lessons and support during the course.

Integrating Haredi into the Workforce with English

KamaTech Business English

The Business English @ KamaTech program was established in 2018 by TALMA with assistance from the Steinhardt Family Foundation in Israel. In this program, TALMA instructors teach introductory and business-level English to Haredim at the KamaTech center in Bnei Brak.

Students are Haredi women and men whose job prospects or ability to grow within their current place of employment is dependent on gaining essential English skills in order to get hired or advance in their workplace.


In keeping with the needs of the Haredi community, separate group sessions
are offered to men and women. Classes are offered in a number of ways. Group classes of typically 1.5 hours are offered on a weekly or bi-weekly basis over the course of a four-month semester to groups of 15-20 people.


Personal one-on-one sessions are offered on an “as needed” basis, often helping students prepare for a special job interview or business presentation.


Intensive “boot camps” are group sessions customized to the needs of a specific company. For example, this past year the semiconductor company TowerJazz offered an intensive English course to its Haredi women employees over a period of some three months.

To date, some 400 Haredi women & men have benefitted from TALMA’s Business English program
@ KamaTech. This innovative program is another example of how TALMA is making a big difference in the lives of its target populations while strengthening the bonds of foreign teachers to Israel.

Conversational, Listening Skills & 
English Test Prep for K-12

Online English & Bagrut Prep

In response to the pandemic, many municipalities reached out to TALMA with requests for support in providing students with supplemental English program - particularly for students needing to prepare for the English Bagrut matriculation exams.


Municipalities purchased highly subsidized bundles of instructional hours which were then divided among schools or specific student populations by the local Education Department. Students in grades 4-12, usually in groups of 3-5 students, received a series of one-hour lessons, paid for by the host municipalities, and led by TALMA teachers.


High school students received special assistance to prepare for the July matriculation exams.


Some 11,000 school students in total participated in the online program.

Additionally, families and the general public could opt-in to the English program independent of their municipalities and could purchase one-on-one online lessons at a subsidized cost of only 50 NIS per lesson.

These program continue to be available to interested municipalities. Inquiries can be sent to

Check out TALMA's custom-made curricula

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