Igniting the passion and power in young people to create change for themselves and their communities.

The TALMA Approach

TALMA as a Teaching Fellowship:

TALMA places Fellows in low-income schools in the Israeli social and geographic periphery as an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to the movement for educational equity. At the same time, the new teaching environment challenges Fellows to step outside their comfort zone and develop their craft as they overcome language & culture barriers and work in partnership with an Israeli co-teacher who offers a different perspective and exposure to new techniques.

TALMA as a Leadership Fellowship: 

What elevates TALMA from a summer of volunteer teaching to a Fellowship is the incredible professional development opportunities it offers its participants. While Fellows spend their mornings teaching in their placement schools, several afternoons and/or evenings each week are devoted to inspirational enrichment. TALMA brings Fellows a variety of first-class speakers, workshops and experiential learning opportunities that enable participants to gain exposure to innovative and entrepreneurial social ventures that are changing the social justice scene and pushes them to grow their leadership.

TALMA as a Pipeline of Leadership:

TALMA selects its Fellows based on a combination of: 

  • Professional qualifications in the field of education

  • Demonstrated commitment to TALMA's vision that one day all children in this world will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

  • Proven leadership, action and mindsets that reveal a lifelong commitment & resolve to serve as a change agent in making this a better and more socially just world.

As individials, these qualities make our Fellows great leaders. As a community and growing network, these qualities make our Fellows a powerful force with a broadreaching influence. Our Fellows are the social justice leaders of this generation and we encourage you to explore their impact.


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