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The TALMA Summer Fellowship locations range from Afula in the north, to Eilat in the south, and multiple cities in between! We concentrate our efforts in the geographic and socioeconomic peripheries of Israel, and below are some of the communities in which TALMA Fellows have lived and/or worked in past summers.


Note that locations can vary from summer to summer, and each summer's locations are finalized in the spring. 

Municipalities interested in bringing TALMA to their community can reach out to our team in Israel at

Nof Tavor

In 2014, TALMA made history in Nazareth Illit (now Nof HaGalil) and Migdal HaEmek when we successfully launched the first-ever TALMA summer school program. 


We launched in Jerusalem in 2015, and since then, TALMA Fellows have served in secular and religious Jewish schools, and Palestinian schools throughout East and West Jerusalem.


We're proud to be involved in the Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership. With the support of The Associated (Jewish Federation of Baltimore) and the Municipality of Ashkelon, we are able to bring Baltimore-area Fellows to this beautiful, culturally diverse beach city. Baltimore Fellows get special experiences organized by the Partnership, including special dinners, meet & greets, and more!

Ben Shemen

Ben Shemen Youth Village is an agricultural boarding school that's home to hundreds of students, many who come from unsafe homes. Located only 25 minutes from Tel-Aviv, Ben Shemen features sprawling fields, farm-life, and a warm and loving environment. We are proud that the village is also home to the TALMA office.


We launched a summer program in Eilat following an immensely successful Full Year program in 2020-21. Eilat is a busy port and popular resort destination at the northern tip of the Red Sea.


Nahariya is a beautiful coastal city in northern Israel. One of TALMA's newest summer communities, we began serving in Nahariya and nearby towns in the summer of 2021.


Baltimore Ashkelon Partnership BAP Logo.jpeg
The Associated Jewish Federation of Baltimore Logo.png

We are grateful to the Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership - The Associated (The Jewish Federation of Baltimore) and the Municipality of Ashkelon - for funding Baltimore-area Fellows to serve in Ashkelon.

Charlotte Jewish Federation Logo.png

We are grateful to the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte for funding Charlotte-area Fellows.

Aronson Family Foundation logo.jpeg
Tammy and Jay Levine Foundation.png

We are grateful to the Aronson Family Foundation and the Jay and Tammy Levine Foundation for funding TALMA Fellows to serve in Jerusalem.

Jewish Federation of MetroWest JFMW logo.png

We are grateful to the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ for funding MetroWest-area Fellows.

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