2021 Expected School Communities


Municipalities that also serve as living locations for our Fellows are starred.

Any municipality interested in bringing TALMA to their community can reach out to our team in Israel at or call Shay at 054-770-0434.


2021 Expected Living Locations

Final living locations will be announced in March of 2021.

This summer, TALMA Fellows will serve more than 2 dozen school districts across Israel. Teachers will live at one of 9 living locations from which they will commute to their assigned school. Each location offers a unique experience. Details on the expected summer 2021 living communities are below, along with key terms to explain the set-up of each location. 


Independent Track: Fellows living on an independent track are based in apartment style housing that requires a higher level of autonomy. Fellows receive meal stipends for taking care of their own meals/cooking and may be responsible for travel between their living location and school using public transportation passes to get around.

Tourist Track: Fellows live in hotel, summer-camp, or boarding school style housing for which travel to schools is walkable or requires private transportation provided by TALMA. Most meals are provided (often buffet or dining hall style) and Fellows receive a basic living stipend for snacking/other needs.

Hybrid: Several tracks are hybrids of elements of both the  independent and tourist track and may be based in apartment, hotel, or kibbutz-style housing - with some meals provided and some purchased through TALMA provided stipends.


Jezreel Valley: Kibbutz Mizra

The Original TALMA Track

In 2014, TALMA made history in Nazareth Illit and Migdal HaEmek when it successfully pulled off its first year of the program. Since then, TALMA's presence in this Northern region of Israel has gradually spread to surrounding communities in the Jezreel Valley, including Menashe.


Fellows placed in this region live two to a room in a hotel on the scenic country grounds of Kibbutz Mizra. Those on the Original Track are spared the hassle of worrying about grocery shopping or preparing food, as all creature comforts and meals are provided. Fellows enjoy buffet breakfasts, brown bag lunches, and a variety of fun and delicious dinners from surrounding establishments.


Organized transportation to placement schools is provided and teachers serve a variety of communities.

2019 Community Highlights: 10-12 Fellows + 3 Israeli Mentors. Tourist Track, with most meals and all transportation provided.


The Independent Track


The summer of 2015 marked the kick off our pilot program in Israel's Holy City of Jerusalem. Fellows represented TALMA in eight schools across Jerusalem and made a strong enough impression on Jerusalem's Mayor, Nir Barkat, that he publicly declared his intention to grow TALMA's presence in Jerusalem ten-fold. 2017 marked a milestone for TALMA as we established our first Palestinian school partnership in East Jerusalem - building a wonderful rapport with the students, community, and local Arab co-teachers. Since then, TALMA has expanded to 9 additional Palestinian partner schools.

Fellows on the Independent Track will be split between three hotels/ hostels all within a short walking distance to Mahane Yehuda and the Old City. Participants receive a stipend that enables them to  buy or cook the majority of their own food or budget to eat out as they wish. Fellows receive public transportation passes that enable them to travel to their placement schools via bus or light-rail as well as adventure on their own time.

2019 Community Highlights: 40-60 Fellows + 4 Mentors. Independent with a meal/living stipend. Serving Jerusalem and East Jerusalem. Public transportation.

Bat Yam

Teach on the Beach


Although TALMA has had teachers serving in Bat Yam for the past several summers, 2021 will be the first summer that Bat Yam serves as a TALMA living location.


The city of Bat Yam, just a few minutes south of Tel Aviv, used to be famous for drugs, crime, and filth. “The image was a very bad image, of a city with low-cost apartments and no construction,” admits Nati Lerner, a senior official at the city hall. “The strong population ran away.”

But after a decade-long rejuvenation project, Bat Yam is welcoming and clean, and home to restaurants, cafes, and a growing cultural scene.


In the summer, there are regular sports sessions on the beach, all of them free of charge, including volleyball and yoga.

2021 Community Highlights: TBD



Teach on the Beach

Ashkelon is a beautiful beach town known as a melting pot of local cultures. From this base, our Talma Fellows will serve the following communities:  


  • Ashkelon: This is our second summer in Ashkelon, the sister city of Baltimore, Maryland.

  • Hof Ashkelon: Just outside of Ashkelon is this neighboring community which is often afflicted by sirens due to its proximity to Gaza. Students may suffer from PTSD.

  • Kiryat Malachi ("The City of Angels"): This is our 4th summer serving this wonderful orthodox & Ethiopian community.

2019 Community Highlights: 25-30 Fellows + 3 Mentors. Fellows will have breakfast provided plus stipends for meals in the surrounding area.

Note: Please do your due diligence on Ashkelon when applying as this is a sensitive region less than 20 miles from Gaza. While we take every measure to ensure the safety of participants, Fellows will drill to prepare for a Red-Alert and it is possible that Fellows could experience a siren.


The Mystical Track


For the third summer, Talma will host Fellows in Safed, the world capital of Kabbalah. Fellows will live at a family-run Bed & Breakfast on Mt. Cana’an surrounded by sprawling gardens, fruit trees, and hammocks for relaxation...not to the mystical city is a short ride down the road.


Fellows will travel to schools using either TALMA organized transportation or car rentals that will be shared among teachers serving specific schools.


Breakfast will be provided at the B&B, and kitchens are available for lunch and dinner - with the grocery store a short walk down the road. Fellows will receive a stipend for lunch and dinner along with a suggested budget.

2019 Community Highlights: Approx 8-10 Fellows + 2 mentors. Serving Kiryat Shmona, Hatzor Haglilit and Merom HaGalil. 


Ben Shemen Youth Village

The Camp-Life Track

For the second year,  TALMA will run at Ben Shemen Youth Village which will offer our Fellows an experience reminiscent of sleepaway summer camp. A year-round boarding school, Ben-Shemen plays home to a diverse group of students - some from broken homes, some secular outcasts of religious communities, others new immigrants seeking immersion into the Israeli way of life.


An agricultural youth village located only 25 minutes from Tel-Aviv, Ben-Shemen features sprawling fields, farm-life, and a warm and loving

environment that encourages kids through music an hands-on-learning - while creating family and preparing youth for survival and leadership. 

We are privileged to be invited to join their community for the summer - and, for TALMA Fellows and alums who fall in love with Ben Shemen, 2019 marks the launch of TALMA 2.0 and our Full Year Community at Ben Shemen.

2019 Community Highlights: 6-7 Fellows, 1 Mentor. Tourist Track with all meals provided, and simple but comfortable dorm style living. Teaching locations  and dining facilities are on-site of the Ben Shemen campus.


The Red Sea Track


One of our newest living locations will be in the bustling seaside city of Eilat. A busy port and popular resort destination at the northern tip of the Red Sea, on the Gulf of Aqaba, the city's beaches, coral reef, nightlife and desert landscapes make Eilat a popular destination for domestic and international tourism. While  Eilat is made up of wealthy elites and tourists, the other half are the hotel employees and their families, who make up many of the classroom's we'll serve.

Fellows will live in an apart-hotel in the city center which is the housing utilized for our Eilat-based full-year fellowship throughout the school year.

2021 Community Highlights: Independent Track. Additional details TBD.

The Green Mountains: Kibbutz Inbar

Serving Arab villages and the Druze communities of the North


For the second summer, we will be in the Galilee region of Israel. Fellows placed here will get in touch with nature while staying at a peaceful country guest house and B&B at Kibbutz Inbar, (the smallest Kibbutz in Israel!). Inbar's location is central to famous sites - among them Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee, the Mount of Beatitudes and Capernahum.

From this base living location, Fellows will work with Arab and Druze populations while partnered with Arabic speaking co-teachers from one of six Druze villages we'll be serving. This is a unique opportunity to enter a wonderful, warm, and welcoming community, quite different from many of our other locations. While we have served several of these communities in past years, TALMA is more than doubling its presence in the Arab sector and we are excited to find the right TALMA Fellows to represent us as we amplify our impact in these areas!

2019 Community Highlights: Tourist track. 18-22 Fellows, 4 Mentors, Serving in Ram'e, Horfish, Yarka, Kisra Samia, Mghar, and Julees.

Majdal Shams

The foothills of Mt. Hermon in the Golan Heighs


One of our new living locations is the beautiful Majdal Shams, a Druze town in the southern foothills of Mt. Hermon - home to Israel's only ski resort!


North of the Golan Heights, Majdal Sham serves as home to a community of Syrian-Druze origin. This year, they'll also welcome a small group of our TALMA teachers!


Known for its hipster bars, crazy 'staches & Druze hospitality, we can't wait to bring TALMA's summer program to this winter haven - that is equally beautiful and fascinating in the summer months.

2021 Community Highlights: TBD