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TALMA's 2021 Summer Fellowship application is open. Applicants will be contacted regarding their application status beginning November of 2020.

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Bringing educational opportunity & English to Israel's periphery

In light of the ongoing pandemic, TALMA will be offering a series of virtual informational sessions.

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First round interview invitations will be extended to successful applicants. Emails will be sent with details on first round statuses.


Please stay tuned for important milestones for the application and interview process. Additional informational session locations will be announced here as well.


Summer applications received by 1/1/2021 will receive a status update by 1/31/2021. Already accepted? Why not commit to a year! Learn more about TALMA 2.0: The Full Year Fellowship here.



Grades Will Not Change This Year

הציונים לא משנים השנה 



Volunteer teachers arrive to help underprivileged Israeli schools 

(The Jerusalem Post)


Parents Have No Idea What Teachers Are Going Through

"להורים אין מושג מה המורים עוברים"

"Stop beating teachers down and start treating them as partners." - Alon Futterman, CEO



TALMA CEO, Alon Futterman's TED Talk

YNet's Education Conference



TALMA CEO Alon Futterman Honored as one of Globes 40 Under 40


250 teachers from around the world are joining TALMA to teach Israeli children online

250 מורי ומורות תלמ"א מרחבי העולם נרתמים אונליין ללמד את את ילדי הפריפיה המצויים בבידו

(Channel 13)


That Israeli mom whose rant-video about distance-learning went viral? She’s a special-ed teacher (Forward)

...In fact, she won Israel’s prestigious TALMA Teacher of the Year Award!


Reality or dream? English studies in Haredi Schools in Jerusalem (Kolhair)

מציאות או חלום? לימודי אנגלית בתלמודי תורה ובחיידרים בירושלים

For past media on TALMA, click here.

The above photos celebrate  the release of TALMA CEO Alon Futterman's first publication: מכל מלמדי (From All My Teachers). In a year in which teachers are going above and beyond to meet the needs of the pandemic, leading educators and figureheads from President Reuven Rivlin to former Minister of Education Yuli Tamir are calling attention to the book with the hashtag: 

#מחזיריםאהבהלמורים #GiveBackLoveToTeachers

President Rivlin Celebrates TALMA CEO's First Publication - A Tribute to Teachers


This past spring, in addition to spending more time at

my parents' house than ever in my life, I struggled to

accept the loss of the life I had. 

I resented online teaching because it was NOT the job I signed up for. I resented policies trying to construct a new normal in an era where no one could share what was going on. I didn’t mind working from my parents home that much and I embraced the time together to practice yoga, work on my cooking, sample free Popsugar Youtube workouts and reread all the Harry Potter 10 days!

What I struggled with most in those months were the few hours I was working. It was the first time in 12 years of teaching that I did not find my work meaningful. Even in the 18 years that I’ve been “employed,” I cannot remember a time when I found work so uninspiring (and my first job was removing staples and paper clips from legal paperwork for 4 hours at a time so that it could be sent to a higher-ranked employee to scan!!)...but the issue wasn’t with the work, the issue with my spirit. 

Fast forward to 4 weeks ago - I got on a plane to Israel and from the second night in quarantine, I knew that I was where I was meant to be.

The 13 of us in "group quarantine" would wake up for early morning fitness, sit for meals together, and just coexist.

Somehow, the laws meant for isolation and distance brought us closer together (despite the masks and spacious seating)." 

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