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TALMA as a Leadership Fellowship: What elevates TALMA from a summer of volunteer teaching to a Fellowship is the incredible professional development opportunities it offers its participants. While Fellows spend their mornings teaching in their placement schools, several afternoons and/or evenings each week are devoted to inspirational enrichment. TALMA brings Fellows a variety of first-class speakers, workshops and experiential learning opportunities that enable participants to gain exposure to innovative and entrepreneurial social ventures that are changing the social justice scene and inspire our Fellows to grow their leadership.


Building A Value-Based Community
Combining business and young adult communities that share the same social values and creating unique projects together.
Think Tank with PresenTense
Taking change-making ideas and learning how to launch them as entrepreneurs with a world renowned think tank.
MoOna: 3D Printing Experience
A hands on social innovation experience at MOoNA. Fellows explore how 3D Printing is changing the world.
A Vist to MOoNA
Bringing Jewish & Arab Entrepreneurs together. A collaborative space that promotes entrepreneurship & innovation.
Pedagogical Trainings
Bridging culture and language barriers in the classroom.
Learning From Leaders
Fellows met with Elisheva Mazia, CEO of New Spirit: a social venture seeking to counter the migration of young entrepreneurs out of Jerusalem.
Social Venture Visits
A visit to Tlamim: a unique working farm of organic produce staffed by local employees with special needs.
Creating Communities For A Cause
Project Re: Lod seeks to work with disadvantaged populations in Lod from all backgrounds,cultures and religions, while aiming to lead the residents toward civic development in the city. We learn from them how to leverage community for a cause.
Norman Atkins: Relay Grad School
Relay’s co-founder and president is also the founder, board chair & former CEO of Uncommon Schools, one of the highest-performing nonprofit charters.
Intro To Social Entrepreneurship
Introduction to Social
Entrepreneurship in Israel: A Lecture by Dr. Jonathan Mirvis.
Israeli Public Education 101
An introduction to Public Education in Israel by CEO of the Citizens' Empowerment Center
in Israel: Tomer Lotan.
The Ayalim Association
In return for scholarships & subsidized housing in the Ayalim villages, each volunteer works with children in distressed neighborhoods.
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A Vist to MOoNA

Bringing Jewish & Arab Entrepreneurs together. A collaborative space that promotes entrepreneurship & innovation.

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