The Positive Results: Value-Added Benefits For All

Student Benefits
  • Greater confidence and ability to speak English

  • Enhanced capability to learn English in the future

  • Fun, worthwhile and inexpensive way to spend summer vacation


International Teacher Benefits
  • Deeper connection to Israel and Jewish identity

  • Enhanced leadership, professional and personal development

  • Better familiarity with Israeli educational system


Israeli-Teacher Benefits


  • New teaching methods gleaned from American colleagues

  • Meaningful interaction with dedicated professional counterparts

  • Unique opportunity to help improve education in Israel’s periphery


Local Community Benefits
  • Strengthened educational capabilities of local schools

  • Equal opportunity among local children for improving English

  • Reduced financial burden on parents during summer

TALMA Fellows Arrive To Israel
A Yoga Session With TALMA
TALMA with The Mayor
TALMA - A Team Effort
Experiential Learning
Connecting In Israel
Weekend Retreats
Professional Development
The Pride of Israel
Israel As A Classroom
The Best Of Israel
The TALMA 2015 Fellows
Hummus Heaven
Lifelong Friends
See A Different Side of Israel
Team Work Makes The Dream Work
A Positive Learning Experience
Fellows Have Fun Too
Growing Confidence In English
We Celebrate Our Wins
Reflection Is Key
A Positive Learning Experience

Oftentimes summer school is associated with something negative - a student who couldn't learn enough, the kid who needs extra discipline, etc. - but TALMA is about a positive learning experience - a chance to spend extra time with friends, learn something new...and have fun while doing it!