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Congrats to Nicki Bodner, DC Teacher of the Year, Runner Up!

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Congrats to two year TALMA teacher Nicki Bodner! 

"The list of incredible teachers, families, and mentors who have guided me to this point are far too many to name and tag, but I am so appreciative of everyone who has supported me to be my bestest teacher to many of the bestest kiddos in the world."  -Nicki

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Dear wonderful Talma alum,

We are seeking to ensure we have the most up-to-date information on each of our incredible alumni, and ask you to update your details in our new alumni database - linked HERE. In this next stage of our growth we will need all the love, support, and great minds of our community, so this form is also a place to share your interest for continued involvement with Talma. We hope we can count on your support as we continue to grow, evolve, and impact more students. Love, The Talma Team

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Hi wonderful Alums. We are trying to condense all of Talma's alumni into one alumni FB group. We will do our best to add and invite all alumni, however - we are requesting you please actively add yourself here using the button below. Our alumni FB group is a place to introduce yourself, get to know the other community members, share ideas, stay in touch, and get updates from Talma Leadership.


Please be sure upon joining to update your contact details in our new alumni database:

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We know many of you just got back from your summer in Israel, but we also know that some of you already know you want to return, so why wait? Let us know your intention today...Not sure if you're up for another summer? Don't know your dates? Already have plans? This application is for you too. You can go back and update your response at a later time if something changes, but this is the place to let us know if you want more of...well, us :) The sooner you commit to us, the sooner we can commit to you.


**We also appreciate any one who can fill in the recommendations section with names of friends/colleagues who you think would make our TALMA 2018 community amazing. Now, have at it!

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