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Want to know the faces behind TALMA's emails, social media, and website? Wondering what makes our recruitment team passionate about bringing only the best of the best to TALMA 2020? Introducing our Admissions Team:

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Recruitment Associate

TALMA Full Year Rep


Recruitment Associate

Teachers College Rep


Recruitment Associate

Hebrew Public Rep


Recruitment Associate

Baltimore-Ashkelon Rep


Deputy Director

Teach For America Rep

TALMA and Reality alumna Debra Feinberg has a Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of North Carolina and is a recipient of the Warren Buffett & Fairholme Foundation’s Inspirational Teacher Award, as well as a recipient of Teach For America’s Second Year Teacher Leadership Award for classroom innovation and work towards ending education inequity.


Beyond her time with Teach for America, Debra served as a JDC Entwine Teaching Fellow with The Gabriel Project in Mumbai, India, led an overseas education consulting firm, and ran a computer science initiative for kids called Generation Code. 

Going into her fifth year recruiting for TALMA, here are a few of her thoughts on the upcoming recruitment challenge:


Our community is only as effective as the people who participate and contribute to it, and I'm excited to play a role in sourcing the personalities, leaders and open minds that will make the most of TALMA. As someone who has watched this program grow from its first year to the present, I recognize  the potential of TALMA’s impact and have no doubt my positive experience with TALMA – as a teacher, a learner, and relationship builder – gives me a strong platform from which to recruit others.


Recruitment Director

Pedagogy Rep

TALMA alumna Rachel Morrison has a Master of Curriculum and Instruction, ESL Endorsement, from Concordia University in Chicago. She is a 3rd grade teacher at Southbury Elementary in Oswego, Illinois and has provided training for the Words Their Way program to other teachers around her district, as well as serving on various school improvement committees. This year marks her ninth year as an educator and fifth year on TALMA's recruitment team.


Here are a few of her own words and thoughts about the upcoming recruitment challenge:


“It is my hope to bring over teachers who are not only passionate about education (both academically and emotionally), but also who are life-long learners. The TALMA program is unique in the sense that we not only have the opportunity to teach Israeli children, but also learn from a variety of different medias.


To receive the most benefit from the program, a person who has a love for learning new information would be the best match. The open-mindedness to experience new opportunities to enhance one’s professional (and personal) life is essential to success in a program such as TALMA. It’s absolutely important for each TALMA teacher to be willing to seek opportunities for both professional and personal growth.”

Questions about the recruitment process? Check out our FAQs page for answers to the most common questions.

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