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Step By Step: What to Expect

1. Submit your application HERE for consideration. Applicants with relevant backgrounds and certifications in education as well as prior Israel travel will receive priority consideration. Applications are reviewed on a rolling admissions basis. Click the logo to the left for access to our general application.

2. After submitting your application, please email your resume to with the subject line "Resume_First Name_Last Name." Note: you must submit a resume in order to be considered by the Selection Committee, as the Selection Committee evaluates only completed applications. Without a resume, your application will be considered incomplete.

3. Once a completed application is submitted, the candidate can expect to receive notification of candidacy status based on the deadline calendar below. You will either be notified that a.) your application will not move forward b.) you are invited to an interview. c.) you are waitlisted.

4. If invited to an interview, you will receive an email invitation asking you to reply with at least three available timeslots you are free to interview and your preference in using Hangout, Whatapp, or Skype (please include username). Interview slots are filled on a first come first serve basis. If your preferred interview time is free, you will receive a confirmation; if the slot is filled, you will be notified and asked to provide additional availability. Please note, all interviews are scheduled in Eastern Standard Time.

5a. If the interview confirms the belief that you meet priority considerations for candidacy and your mindsets are in line with those of the TALMA program, you may be invited to a second interview with a different member of the admissions team (step 4 repeats) or moved straight to an acceptance.

5b. Should your first interview highlight a need for further development prior to consideration or areas of concern, you will be notified of your status as either waitlisted or rejected. Failure to show up for your interview will result in dismissal of your candidacy.

6. Following your first or second interview, you will be updated on your candidacy status by the deadline.

- If your interview confirms that you are an ideal fit for the TALMA program, you will be offered an acceptance to the program. 

- If you are a strong candidate but do not meet our priority recruitment needs, you will be placed on a waitlist for consideration after all candidates who do meet the priority needs have been given full consideration. You may be asked to submit reference letters in support of your candidacy.

-If your candidacy raises any areas of concern or a need for further growth and development, you will be notified of our inability to offer you a space in TALMA 2020; that said, we encourage you to gain additional experience, reflect on your role in our community and, if still interested, reapply in the future.

7. Upon acceptance to TALMA, you will be emailed a short form to fill out in order to acknowledge confirmation of the offer of acceptance. This offer is contingent on completion of all additional pre-registration paperwork, submittal of necessary documents, credit card deposit details etc. TALMA reserves the right to end our offer of acceptance with you should any required materials not be turned in on time, do not meet clearance expectations or extenuating circumstances arise.

8. Now that you confirmed our offer of acceptance, what's next? First of all, Congratulations! TALMA is a highly selective program and your acceptance speaks volumes about your character, credentials and our belief in your ability to make an impact. After filling out the google form, sit back, relax, explore our 'Accepted Applicants' page and hang tight for further instructions. Pre-registration packets will be released to accepted applicants between mid January and February. Following the completion of these materials, we will host informational sessions in several major cities around the world as well as an online webinar session for those unable to attend an in person session. The Admissions Team will also release fun materials and videos to help prepare you for the journey ahead. Meanwhile, pat yourself on the back and prepare for a summer to remember!

Landmark Deadlines For Applying For Summer 2020


Applications will continue to be reviewed on a rolling basis until all seats are filled. 

Apply by 10/31

first round applications

Apply by 10/31 and receive a status update by 11/7

Apply by 11/30

Second round applications

Apply by 11/30 and receive a status update by 12/7

Apply by 12/31


Apply by 12/31 and receive a status update by 1/7

Apply by 1/31

Fourth round applications

Apply by 10/31 and receive a status update by 2/7

APPLY After 2/1

Final round applications

Apply after 2/1 and receive consideration and follow-up on a rolling basis

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